Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax
Definition - A term coined by the Linguist Geoffrey Pullum in an essay of the same name to denote the mistaken belief that Eskimos have many more words for snow than do, say, English speakers.

1. To read Pullum's essay, click here.
2. Pullum's essay is based on an argument presented by Anthropologist Laura Martinin her paper "Eskimo Words for Snow: A case study in the genesis and decay of an anthropological example." To read it, click here.

Quotation -
But the truth is that the Eskimos do not have lots of different words for snow, and no one who knows anything about Eskimo (or more accurately, about the Inuit and Yupik families of related languages spoken by Eskimos from Siberia to Greenland) has ever said they do. Anyone who insists on simply checking their primary sources will find that they are quite unable to document the alleged facts about snow vocabulary.
(Source: The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax, Pullum )

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