acute accent (´)
Definition - The ´ symbol used as a diacritic.

1. The French call it the accent aigu.

Example -
In English a number of loanwords are sometimes spelled with the original language's acute accent, e.g. roué, touché, and fiancé.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1609:
" The circumflex is … contrary to the acute, for it begins with the acute, and ends with the grave."
(Douland Ornith. Microl. 70)


1. I think that one should point out that many accents take the place of a letter that has been dropped from the original.

Old French used prest, meaning 'ready'. In French now it is prêt, with a circonflex accent over the e. … From Spanish cañon to English canyon. Spanish had a stroke over the first n. In German oe becomes o with an unlaut over the o. Now the Germans are putting the e back in because others, such as myself do not have a machine that can put in an umlaut.
(James Wilson McGillivray, Collingwood)

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