1. Capitalize the first word of a sentence.

2. Capitalize the singular first-person pronoun I and all of its contractions.

I'll and I'm

3. Capitalize proper nouns.

Lion's Gate Bridge, Dave Jones, Pepsi

4. Capitalize family honorifics when they are used as proper nouns, but not when they are used as common nouns.

I love Auntie Milly.
Did you visit your aunt?

5. Capitalize generic geographic terms that are part of a proper noun. However, use lower case for plurals.

Atlantic Ocean, Mt. Muztagata
the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts

6. Don't capitalize a generic term that follows a capitalized generic term.

Yangtze River valley

7. Capitalize directions when they are used as location names, but not when they are used as compass directions.

All of New Brunswick has decided to move to the West.
I'm heading west this summer.

8. Don't capitalize seasons unless they are being used in a title.

I try to sleep through winter and spring.
The Summer 2007 theatre schedule ….

9. Capitalize country, nationality, and language names.

Canada, Chinese, Mandarin

10. Capitalize zones of the earth’s surface

the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer

11. Capitalize the names of gods, holy texts, and religious figures.

the Bible, God the Father, the Virgin Mary, Buddha

12. Don't capitalize the word god when it is not a proper noun.

I don't worship any gods.

13. Common nouns are capitalized when they are used as the entire class name of the thing.

What a piece of work is Horse.

14. Capitalize titles that come before names but not those that follow names.

I interviewed Prime Minister Trudeau.
I interviewed Pierre Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.

15. Capitalize the first word in a direct quote.

Someone once said, "A foolish hobgoblin is the consistency of little minds."

16. Capitalize the first word of each line in a poem

Roses are red / Violets are blue

17. Capitalize the key words in the titles of songs, books, articles, etc.

Gone with the Wind
The Mill on the Floss
Note: Capitalize the prepositions | or articles only if they are the first word of the title.

18. Capitalize members of racial, political, civic, and athletic groups.

Indo-Canadians and Liberals
Western Canada Wilderness Society and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

19. Capitalize periods and events but not century numbers.

Victorian Era, Great Depression, eleventh century

20. Don't capitalize words that were once proper nouns but are now general types.

pasteurize, french fries

21. Except for species-level taxa or below, capitalize the taxa names used in the scientific classification of living things (e.g. orders and kingdoms).

Homo sapiens sapiens.

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