cohyponymic transfer
Definition - A process of semantic change specific to taxonomical naming where the same word is used to denote different but similar things.

For example, in British Columbia the word pinecone is used by many people to refer to cones from any type of conifer.

Quotation -
Often, we find a transfer of the primary meaning of the German 'maple' to other species of trees: NHG Akazie 'acacia', Espe 'aspen', Hartriegel 'cornus', Platane 'plane', Spitzeiche 'oak', Ulme 'elm', Erle 'alder', etc. This cohyponymic transfer can be explained by the resemblance between the maple's shape, wood, and usage and those of the other trees.
(Source: Onomasiological and semasiological aspects of the names for trees and their fruits in the Germanic languages )

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