comma splice
Definition - The case where two independent clauses are joined by a comma.

1. This is usually considered to be a solecism.

Example -
I was really hungry, there was no food to eat.


1. Some ways to correct this are:
(i) Turn the two clauses into two sentences
(I was really hungry. There was no food to eat.).

(ii) Replace the comma with a semicolon.

(iii) Insert a coordinating conjunction after the comma
( I was really hungry, and there was no food to eat.).

2. If the clauses are short, you can get away with using just a comma.
( I came, I saw, I spliced.)

Quotation -
"If two or more clauses, grammatically complete and not joined by a conjunction, are to form a single compound sentence, the proper mark of punctuation is a semicolon."
(Source: The Elements of Style — William Strunk)

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