Fowler's Modern English Usage
A usage guide written by Henry Watson Fowler as a follow-up to his The King's English (1906). When it was published in 1926, it set the standard for all subsequent books of this type.

Note: Robert Burchfield edited the third edition, which was publish in 1996 under the title The New Fowler's Modern English Usage. It is a complete rewrite based on a very different set of principles: Fowler was an Über-prescriptivist. Burchfield is more of a descriptivist.

1. Click here to read Use Value by Barton Swaim, a stout-hearted defence of the usefulness and validity of Fowler's prescriptivism.

Example -
Here's an example of the Fowler style from the second edition:

The ugly device of writing x and/or y to save the trouble of writing x or y or both of them is common and convenient in some kinds of official, legal, and business documents, but should not be allowed outside them.

David Crystal speaking about his own new edition of Fowler

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