genitive case
Definition - The grammatical case that shows possession.
Note: To show this, English uses the possessive s (i.e. the Saxon genitive) and prepositional phrases that begin with of (i.e. the "of" genitive).

Example -

(1) David's house
(2) House of David

Etymology -
The word derives from the Latin casus genitivus, case that expresses origin.
Note: The Latin phrase was coined by incorrectly translating the Greek phrase genike ptosis, generic case. In Greek, this case expressed race or kind, not possession.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1398:
"Lens, that is a nytte, and is wryte wyth D. in the genitif case."
(Trevisa Barth. De P.R. xvii. xcvi. (1495) 663)

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