Definition - Somone who teaches or writes about traditional grammar.

1. If you teach and write about grammar in, say, the Chomskyan sense of the word, as in universal grammar (i.e. the innate rules and constraints that perhaps underlie all natural languages), you are a linguist.

Example -
Some notable grammarians are: Donatus, Dionysius Thrax, Apollonius Dyscolus, Varro, Aristophanes of Byzantium, Ibn Abi Ishaq, Aelfric of Eynsham, William Bullokar, and Panini.

Etymology -
The word ultimately derives from the Greek grammatike tekhne, art of letters (from gramma, letter).

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from c1380:
"Gramariens and devynes."
(Wyclif Serm. Sel. Wks. I. 376)

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