greengrocer's apostrophe
Definition - An incorrectly used apostrophe.

Example -

(1) We sell Canucks program's.
(It should read Canucks' programs).

Etymology -
This is a British term that was no doubt coined because these types of mistakes are more easily noticed when they appear in shop-window signs.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1992:
"The apostrophe of plurality continues in at least five areas:…. In the non-standard (‘illiterate’) use often called in BrE the *greengrocer's apostrophe, as in apple's 55p per lb and We sell the original shepherds pie's."
(Oxf. Compan. Eng. Lang. 75/1 )

Quotation -
"The best greengrocer's apostrophe I've ever seen is asparagu's."
(Source: Independent (Nexis), 14 Feb. 23, 1993)

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