Definition - The technical terminology used by a specific group or profession.

1. As opposed to slang, which is an informal vocabulary used either by defined groups (e.g. Beatniks) or by people in specific situations (e.g. friends at a stag party).

Example -
The process generates search-term related content that is sent via CGI to an XSLT processor for a background transformation.
(Computer programmer jargon)

Etymology -
The word derives from the Old French jargon, a chattering (of birds).
Note: When it first entered English (circa 1340), it denoted "unintelligible talk."

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in this sense is from 1651 (from Hobbes' Leviathan):
"Abstract essences and substantiall formes. For the interpreting of which Iargon, there is need of somewhat more than ordinary attention."
(Hobbes Leviathan iv. xlvi)

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