language faculty
Definition - The human ability to use language.

1. For a discussion of which aspects of the faculty of language are uniquely human, see Pinker and Jackendoff's (2005) "The faculty of language: What's special about it?" (PDF here)

Example Usages -

1. 'This was in prima facie conflict with a conjecture by the psychologist Marc Hauser, the linguist Noam Chomsky, and the biologist and cognitive scientist Tecumseh Fitch in a 2002 paper in Science (PDF here). They claimed that humans have a faculty of language in both a broad sense and a narrow sense: The broad notion covers phonetics and semantics as well as the “computational” mechanisms supporting “recursion” in thought, but the narrow one “only includes recursion and is the only uniquely human component.”'
(Source: The Rise and Fall of a Venomous Dispute | , Geoffrey Pullum )

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