loan translation
Definition - A word or phrase derived from another language by a word-for-word translation.

1. As opposed to a loanword, which is a word taken directly from another language, and a loan blend, which is a word that was coined by combining a foreign word with a native word.
2. They are also called calques.

Example -
The word superman was derived as a word-for-word translation of the German Übermensch, overman.

Etymology -
The phrase loan translation was coined as a loan translation of the German Lehnübersetzung, loan translation.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in this sense is from 1933:
"The Slavic languages translate the term [sc. conscientia] by ‘with’ and ‘knowledge’, as in Russian ["so-vest] ‘conscience’. This process, called *loan-translation, involves a semantic change: the native terms or the components which are united to create native terms, evidently undergo an extension of meaning."
(L. Bloomfield Lang. xxv. 456)

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