Definition - Speech or writing that mixes two languages.

In Dulci Jubilo by the Vienna Boys Choir. A macaronic because it mixes Latin and German.

Example -
Parlez-vous English?

Etymology -
According to the OED, the word seems to have been invented by Teofilo Folengo whose ‘macaronic’ poem (Liber Macaronices) was published in 1517. He explains (ed. 2, 1521) that the ‘macaronic art’ is so called from macaroni, which is ‘quoddam pulmentum farina, caseo, botiro compaginatum, grossum, rude, et rusticanum’."

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in this sense is from a1668:
"You that were once so Ĺ“conomick,
Quitting the thrifty style Laconick,
Turn Prodigal in Makeronick.
(Denham Dialogue 33)

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