nonce word
Definition - A word coined for a particular occasion (i.e. for the nonce) to meet a transient, one-time language need.

Example -
In 1587 the poet Golding published the line:

Both a selfesamenesse and also an anothernesse.

This contains the only OED citation for the word anothernesse, thus the dictionary has labelled it a nonce word.

Etymology -
The word nonce derives from the Old English phrase for þe naness (c.1200) "for a special occasion, for a particular purpose." Purportedly, the term was coined by OED editor James Murray.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1884. Here, the OED cites the first use as it own definition of the term anothernesse.
(OED s.v. anothernesse)

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