Definition - The art of making puns.

1. When you purposely use incorrect words to be funny, it is paronomasia; when you do it accidently, it is called acyrology.

Example -
Is the invisible Barbie doll beyond your ken?
(from the board game MooT - the game of Etymology, Semantics, and Grammar)

Etymology -
The word derives from the Greek paronomazein, to call by a different name, which in turn derives from the Greek para, beside + onomazein, to name.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1579:
"A Paronomasia or playing with the word, where he sayth I loue thilke lasse, alas etc."
(E. K. Spenser's Sheph. Cal. Jan. Gloss)

Quotation -
"The Paranomasia, or Pun, where a word, like the tongue of a jackdaw, speaks twice as much by being split."
(Source: Alexander Pope, Art of Sinking, 97 (1727))

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