Definition - An adjective or a noun formed from a verb, e.g, broken promises (adjective) and reading makes me sleepy (noun).

1. When the participle is used as a noun, it is called a gerund, e.g. jogging is good for you.

Etymology -
The term derives from the Latin participium, a sharing or partaking.
Note: The Latin word was coined to translate the Greek metokhe, sharer or partaker; the idea being that this type of word shares the nature of both a noun and an adjective.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1388:
"A participle of a present tens, either preterit, of actif vois, eithir passif,
mai be resoluid into a verbe of the same tens, and a coniunccioun copulatif."
(Wyclif Prol. 57)

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