portmanteau word
Definition - A word made up of the blended sounds and meanings of two distinct words.

Example -
Lewis Carroll coined the word chortle by combining the words chuckle and snort.

Etymology -
Originally, portmanteau denoted a court official who carried the prince's mantle. Eventually, it came to denote a two-hinged clothes container that opened like a book. Lewis Carroll first used it to describe a blended word in his book Through the Looking-Glass (1872).

Oxford English Dictionary -
It's first citation is from 1872:
[While explaining the poem Jabberwocky, Humpty Dumpty tells Alice] "Well, ‘slithy’ means ‘lithe and slimy’.… You see it's like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word."
(Lewis Carroll, Through Looking-Gl. vi. 127)

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