Definition - The form of a verb that is used to express actions that have occurred in the past.

1. It is usually formed by adding -ed or -d to the verb's infinitive (e.g. He planted his seed).
2. Some verbs form preterites irregularly (e.g. go/went and eat/ate).

Example -
Did is the preterite of do.

Etymology -
The word derives via Old French from the Latin præteritum — as in Quintilian's præteritum tempus, time past (from præ, before + itum, the past participle of ire, to go.)

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1388:
"A participle of a present tens either preterit, of actif vois eithir passif, mai be resoluid into a verbe … and a coniunccioun copulatif."
(Wyclif Prol. 57 )

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