section (§)
Definition - The name of the § symbol, which is used mainly as a phonogram for the word section as in "a section of a document."

1. Two §§ stand for the plural sections.

Example -

(1) § 21 (Section 21)
(2) §§ 13–21 (Sections 13 to 21)

Etymology -
In the past, writers used to double stroke letters to make them stand out (sort of like underlining), hence the section sign evolved from a double-stroked letter S.

Oxford English Dictionary -
The first citation of the symbol's name is from 1728; however, the first full citation is from 1770:
"The Sign which implies the word Section, is a Sort … seldom employed, because in Work which is divided into Chapters, Articles, Paragraphs, Sections, or any other Parts, they are commonly put in lines by themselves, either in Large Capitals, Small Capitals, or Italic.… But the Sign of Section is sometimes used in (Latin) Notes, and particularly such as are collected from foreign books."
(Luckombe Hist. Printing 259 )

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