stunt word
Definition - A neologism that was created either to make people laugh or to attract attention that hasn't become a part of the language (e.g. gloatation).

As opposed to a jocular formation, which is a neologism coined to make people laugh that HAS become part of the language (e.g. discombobulate).

Example Usages -

1. "Stunt word: A word created and used to produce a special effect or attract attention, as if it were part of the performance of a stunt man or a conjuror."
(Source: The Oxford Companion to the English Language, Tom McArthur (s.v. Stunt Word) )

2. "The cinematograph by 1899 was called the 'cinema' and by 1908 the 'cine,' pronounced 'sinney,' whence the recent stunt word sin-ema for X-rated films."
(Source: Irving Lewis Allen, The City in Slang, Oxford University Press, 1995 )

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