Definition - The degree of an adjective or an adverb that shows that something has more of or is better than two or more other things.

1. It is usually indicated by the suffix est or by modifiers like most and least.

Example -
Bob is the oldest of the children.


1. Most if not all usage guides say that you should only use it when comparing more than two items.

Of the two brothers, Cain is the oldest. (bad)
Of the two brothers, Cain is the older one. (good)

Etymology -
The word ultimately derives from the Latin superlatus, exaggerated (from super, beyond).

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in its grammatical sense is from circa 1530:
"We and the latines forme our comparatives and superlatyves out of our posytives."
(Jehan Palsgrave, Lesclarcissement de la langue françoyse, Introd. p. xxviii, )

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