Definition - Meaningless technospeak used to give off the impression of knowledge and competence.

Example -
The 1.5 GB (2.25 x 512 MB) plug-compatible USB starboard port requires the extraction of the installed 128 MB DRK RIMM.

Etymology -
According to the Oxford Companion to the English Language, the word was coined by combining the words technology and babble, on the analogy of psychobabble.

John A. Barry (who didn't coin the term) in the introduction to his book Technobabble (MIT Press, 1991) states: "The word first cropped up in the early 1980s, derived from or inspired by Psychobabble, the title of a 1977 book by Richard Rosen …."

Oxford English Dictionary -
I couldn't find an OED citation for the term, however, as an early example of its use, John Barry cites the title of a 1984 article by David Roth in Franson's Business Report on Technology:
"William Safire, Eat Your Dictionary; Here Comes Technobabble."
(Franson's Business Report on Technology)

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