The New World of Words

Edward Phillips' 1658 hard-word dictionary that defined about 20,000 words. It replaced Blount's Glossographia as the largest and most popular dictionary of its time.

1. Its full title is: The New World of Words: Or a General English Dictionary.
2. Blount accused Phillips of plagiarizing his work.

Example -

Some example entries are:

"Epanadiplosis … a Rhetorical figure wherein a sentence begins and ends with the same word; as
Severe to his servants, to his children severe."

"Epiphora, Force or Impression, a figure in Rhetorick, in which one word is repeated at the end of several Sentences, but differs from Epistrophe, in that it hath respect chiefly to the Matter."

"Parelcon, Protraction, a figure wherein a word or syllable is added to the end of another…."

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