Blount, Thomas

(1618–1679) An English lexicographer whose principal work was the Glossographia, a hard-word dictionary (1656) that defined about 11,000 words, and was, when published, the largest English dictionary at that time.

1. It was the first dictionary to include etymologies and to cite sources for the definitions.
2. It was immediately surpassed in popularity by Edward Phillips' The New World of Words (1658), which defined about 20,000 words.

Example -
Some example Glossographia entries are:

Accent (accentus) tune, tenor, the rising and falling of the voice, the due sound over any word or letter, or the mark of any letter which directs the pronunciation. There are also Accents of sentences; As in the close of a Period we let fall the voice, in a demand raise it.

Auricular (auricularis) belonging to, or spoken in the ear. As auricular Confession, is that which is made in private to the Ghostly Father, none hearing but himself, opposite unto publick Confession, which is made in the hearing of many.

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