virgule (/)
Definition - One of the many names of the / symbol.


1. Use it to represent disjunction (i.e. mutually incompatible alternatives).

You can lease/purchase the automobile right now.

2. Use it instead of the hyphen or the en dash to indicate a strong relationship.

Beatles/Stones generation

3. Use it to mark line breaks in poetry.

Roses are red / Violets are blue / virgules lean forward / solidos do too

4. Use it to represent either a fraction or division.


5. Use it to represent per or to in measures and ratios.

miles/hour (miles per hour)
price/earnings ratio (price to earnings ratio)

Etymology -
The word derives via French from the Latin virgula, punctuation mark, which is the diminutive of the Latin virga, twig; thus it literally means "little twig."

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1837:
"In the manuscripts of Chaucer, the line is always broken by a cæsura in the middle, which is pointed out by a virgule."
(Hallam Hist. Lit. i. viii. §26)

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