ODLT The Online Dictionary of Language Terminology

"This dictionary is a great idea! "
(Steven Pinker, Harvard University)

Welcome to The Online Dictionary of Language Terminology, the go-to reference for language and linguistic terms. Our comprehensive dictionary features definitions and examples for thousands of terms related to linguistics, grammar, phonetics, semantics, pragmatics, and more.

This website was created as a free, public resource to help students, teachers, researchers, professionals, and language enthusiasts better understand the terminology used in the study of language. Our goal is to explain complex linguistic concepts in clear, straightforward language that is easy to understand. The ODLT contains concise explanations of the words English speakers use to talk about language. The dictionary covers terms from all branches of linguistics including:
  • Phonetics and phonology - terms related to speech sounds and sound systems
  • Morphology - terms about the structure and formation of words
  • Syntax - terms pertaining to sentence structure and grammar
  • Semantics - terms dealing with meaning in language
  • Pragmatics - terms covering language use in context
  • Historical linguistics - terms about language evolution and etymology
  • Sociolinguistics - terms regarding language variation and use in society
  • Psycholinguistics - terms on the mental processes involved in language
  • Computational linguistics - terms related to computer processing of language
New terms and definitions are added regularly to reflect the latest advances and discoveries in the field of linguistics. Our editorial team consists of experienced linguists and lexicographers from a Do my paper service who ensure the accuracy and clarity of all definitions. For better understanding of words with the origin from Great Britain / United Kingdom, we hire a specialist from UK assignment writing service. This ensures the required level of accuracy in local context.

The Online Dictionary of Language Terminology represents a robust and dynamic digital resource tailored to the field of language studies. By providing detailed definitions, contextual explanations, cross-referencing, and real-world examples, it serves as a valuable reference tool for professional writers working at online "write my research paper" companies, and enthusiasts alike. Its accessibility, regular updates, and educational applications contribute to its standing as an essential asset in the complex world of language understanding and analysis.

The ODLT is completely free to use and requires no registration. We hope our dictionary proves to be a valuable reference for students of linguistics at all levels as well as anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of language. Please browse the dictionary and bookmark this site!

How to use the ODLT

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